"Design is about understanding a problem or a goal and find the most appropriate solution by mixing beauty, comfort, efficiency, economy, and durability in unique ways keeping our eyes on the details and the balance on the big picture.

At Katalina Mavares Art&Deco we believe that beauty makes our life a bit better.

We believe that an space becomes yours when it's personalized. Your space should show off your tastes and personality, work with your lifestyle, and make you and your guests feel comfortable."


Our Services

If you are around here it is because you are thinking of giving a new air to your spaces, maybe by adding some art and decor items or making a huge change, either way, it is fantastic! I love changes and renovations and would love to help you.

In order to be able to do my magic, I need to know you a little better. I need to know about you and also about your space, your tastes in color, your hobbies and those of your family or employees, and the use that will be given to the areas you want to modernize.

Once we have talked about all that, I will create a mood board full of colors and images that will help me translate everything you told me and better explain my idea. I will help you choose the color and material palette, the distribution of furniture, lighting, art pieces and accessories.

Quick Makeover

The QuickMakeover does not require construction work and does not include any third-party service.

We will focus on making the changes with the furniture distribution, adding or changing decorative accessories and adding Art pieces.

If the service is provided online, I will give you all the details so that you can do it yourself without any construction work and without third parties involved, but... you have to be very detailed and get to work ASAP.

Send me an email to make you a quotation!

Smart Renovations

The Smart Renovation is on-site, it can not be online because the changes will be made by me! Do not panic because I am a handyman and you can help in you want too.​

Here I will work on lots of ideas and once we decided which one to follow I will do it myself, probably contracting some third parts like electricians or plumber for example.

It also involves new decor items, Artwork, and lighting.

Send me an email to make you a quotation!


Our Projects

I like to create moodboards to bring your dreams into life. I research trends, color palettes, lighting accesories, textures and all we need to create the perfect space for you, your family or your business.


Sao Paulo, Brasil.


Sao Paulo, Brasil.


Caracas, Venezuela.


Shanghai, China.


Suzhou, China.

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