Acrylic on canvas


50 x 40 cm. 3 4 pieces

Code: 18-030





Early mornings and late nights. Frank Sinatra & The Rat Pack. Cigarette stubs. Endless boarding passes. A paddling along the shallow edges. This was life B.L.


February 3rd. I shall always remember this day. It is the exact day in which my life changed. Clad in a sexy Canada goose red coat you brought colour to my life, my darling. An Italian feast, rivers of prosecco. Films, oh so many films. Icy, slippery pavements. And the best kiss any man could hope for.


Eggs in baskets. Versace on the floor. Zara Home. Endless train journeys, a few hotels. And that constant, pure, raw love in which we dove. Hungrily and mindlessly we let the currents take us deep into our love, where everything was aligned and meant to be. Where nothing and everything made sense. Because when you know you know. M.O.A.O. This became life A.L.


Spain. Italy. Cava and prosecco galore. Iberico and L’Antica Quercia and a dessert doggie bag. Flying holding hands. Meeting the peeps. Two roars of laughter filled the rooms we walked in. Gondole. Harry’s Bar and Bellinis. Our sexy BMW. Betty. Walking holding hands. Dining and lunching holding hands. Preprandial drinks at the lounge holding hands. New York. The terrace of the Crowne Plaza. Zara journey. Tiffany’s in Venice. Tiffany’s in Barcelona. Tiffany’s in Zara hands.


Stronger than ever before we are brave. So brave, my darling. We dared swipe right. Dared meet. And now we dare dream and build a future together.


Zara homes back in China. Zara homes in Europe and the Philippines. Zara Zara, which I can see so clearly now. That cheeky look in her eyes. Her mother’s face. Daddy’s girl, climbing on top of his lap as he pretends to read The Times -he’s actually thinking of last night. Her mother shining through her. Brekkies together. Facts and invented words. Three roars of laughter.


So much love, goals, and passion. And still, the rest of our lives lie ahead of us. They will be the best lives we could possibly dream of.


This is A.L. The best life I could have possibly dream of, mi amor.



SKU: 18-030