Acrilyc on canvas


30 x 30 cm. x 4 pieces

Code: 18032





Amado Isaac, finalmente llegó nuestro día!


El día de nuestro amor!

Lo soñé mil veces, lo he soñado cada día desde aquella cena donde me dejaste el último pedacito de tu kebab una noche de verano en nuestra querida Barcelona, lo soñé, pero nunca pensé que sería así de especial, así de amoroso y así de brillante.


Hoy te entrego todo lo que soy y lo que tengo y prometo ser dicha y alegría en tu vida.

Prometo ser siempre de tu equipo y defenderte ante todo, incluso cuando no lleves las de ganar!

Prometo cuidar y honrar a tus padres y hermanos tanto como a los míos.

Prometo escucharte siempre atentamente cuando me explicas tus cosas del trabajo, aunque nunca entienda ni una palabra de lo que dices!

Prometo cuidar y criar a nuestros hijos con amor y dedicación.

Prometo cepillarme los dientes contigo cada noche.

Prometo ser siempre agradecida con Dios por que tú eres el mejor regalo que la Vida me ha dado.


T’estimo, sempre junts!




SKU: 18032
  • Packaging:

    I prepare each piece for shipment with care and love. 

    Depending on the size and your location in the world, paintings with a side larger than 50 cm. may be sent un-stretched and rolled safely in a thick cardboard tube. I will help you connect with a local framer to build the support bars and stretch the canvas. This usually costs between €90-€200 depending on the size and location.  
    If you prefer to ship your large painting fully stretched we will use a freight service to expertly handle the painting and deliver it right to your wall. This usually costs between €330 - €500 depending on the size and location. Other wise, your piece may arrive in a rigid flat mailer or sturdy cardboard box.

    Local pickup is also available – include a note with your order or send me an email! I will be happy to see you here!


    I developed a flat cost for shipping abroad China based on the information from companies. The flat price is €30,00. This price cover packaging supplies, time and labor.

    If there is a large discrepancy -/+ between basic shipping price and actual costs, I will let you know via email. An additional invoice may be necessarily.

    Insurance is not included, please contact me if you’d like to add insurance.

    Once I have received your order, I will send you an email to confirm or determine a delivery date that is convenient for you. Generally, the work will be delivered within 7 to 14 days, this may vary depending on the availability and your country of residence.

    Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Please understand that I can not get responsible for delays due to customs.

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