‘The -cycle of art- is complete when sensitive people are guided by what they see,  and without trying to understand,  they respect, enjoy and make their own the emotions of the artist’

My main source of inspiration is beauty… the memories that make me excited or have marked someone's life in a positive way. It does not mean that I am unaware or unconcerned about what is happening around me, and the negative things that occur every day in the world, but I think that there are already a lot of negative echoes. I prefer to devote myself to repeat beautiful stories about eternal loves, about people who act in positive ways, about statements of love, or about happy things.

My work is characterized by being abstract with some semi-figurative details. I work especially with acrylic and watercolor, often mixing both techniques to make the work more textured and dynamic between strokes and textures, resulting in transmitting more power and passion. The main characteristic that makes my work more attractive is the way I use the color: the combinations and the contrast that they generate among themselves.

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Photos by MEyouWE Photography