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Welcome to my Art&Design space! I am reeeally happy to have you here!

I am Katalina, I am an Interior Designer & Visual Artist living and creating cool things between Andorra and Morocco.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in the 80s. I spent my adolescence very close to the Caribbean Sea but in my early twenties, I start my journey leaving behind everything I knew traveling to Europe looking for new and exciting adventures. That journey is still on the process... after Europe, I went to live in Center and South America, and also in Asia.

Now on my not too early thirties :), I am living between Andorra and Morocco, getting inspired by amazing snowy mountains and infinite salty seas, but still, missing my Caribean Sea.

I had the chance to visit different cities around the world since I was a child accompanying my mommy on her business trips. She (the best mom in the world) transmitted me her the thrill of knowing new places and enjoying different cultures. When I was 18 I kept seeking new emotions on my own that led me to live in England, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Andorra, Catalonia, Brazil, and China. Currently, I am living between Morocco and Andorra getting inspired by both worlds, both kinds of weather and both cultures.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about me and my work.

I am always happy to talk about Art & Design. 


My main source of inspiration is beauty… the memories that make me excited or have marked my life in a positive way. It does not mean that I am unaware or unconcerned about what is happening around me, and the negative things that occur every day in the world. But I think that there are already a lot of negative echoes, I prefer to devote myself to repeat beautiful stories about eternal loves, about people who act in positive ways, about statements of love, or about happy things.

My work is characterized by being abstract with some semi-figurative details. I work especially with acrylic and water colour, often mixing both techniques to make the work more textured and dynamic between strokes and textures, resulting in transmitting more power and passion. The main characteristic that makes my work more attractive is the way I use the colour: the combinations and the contrast that they generate among themselves.


Ye Qinlan. (Asia and UK)


U Concept Gallery. Shanghai - China.


2019 · Breeze of Spring. OfficeStar. Suzhou, China.

2019 · Disturbance and Tranquillity. Luren Gallery. Suzhou, China.

2019 · Art in Office, OfficeStar Modern Media Plaza. Suzhou, China.

2018 · Love Letters. Suzhou Art Collective. Suzhou, China.

2017 · En Confianza. Lobby Kempinski Hotel. Suzhou, China.

2014 · Formas, colores y sueños. NatArt Gallery. Andorra la Vella, Andorra.

2013 · Formas, colores y sueños. Divina Pasta Art&Food. Barcelona, Spain.


2018 · MIX. Jiangsu Theatre. Jiangsu, China.

2015 · Collectivo PopUP. Arteria Gallery. Sao Paulo, Brasil.

2015 · Puro Design Hand Made. TeaKettle Art&Design. Sao Paulo, Brasil.

2009 · MIX Sentidos. San Francisco Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.


2017 · Sustainable Love. Lobby Kempinski Hotel. Suzhou, China. Pics here!


2018 · W Hotel. #connect2earth. Suzhou, China. Pics here!

2018 · The Ilyn. Art&Fashion. Suzhou, China. Pics here!

2018 · The Summit. Art Lantern Festival. Suzhou, China. 

2018 · Suzhou Village. Art Sneakers. Suzhou, China. Pics here!

2018 · Hyatt. Love the Planet Chistmas Eco-Bag. Suzhou, ChinaPics here!


2009 · Institute of Design of Caracas, Bachelor in Interior Design.

2013 · BAU – Escola Superior de Disseny, Master in Art&Design Management.

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Photos by MEyouWE Photography