I love to work with commissioned paintings!

I love getting to know you a bit better through your ideas and I would love to create something unique for you.

Here you will find some of my ArtWorks at their forever homes.

It is really special to know that my collectors are growing and enjoying their life surrounded by my colors, this really makes my soul happy.

If you are the happy owner of one of my art pieces and you want your place to be featured here, please feel free to send me nice pictures here.

I will be really happy to post it!


Commissioning a painting is easy! 

Please read this info, then send me an email! 


To commission a painting, I'll need to know a bit more about you, your style and your taste. For example... I need to know...

Wich size and material would you like to work with?

Wich colors would you like to see in the painting (2 to 4)?

Wich colors would you like to avoid?

If you are not sure about the colors or size, please feel free to send me pictures of your space. I am also an Interior Designer, together we can create a really nice space.

After we agree on these important points I will send you an invoice for 50% of the total price, please keep in mind that this payment is non-refundable. 


Commissions take 6-8 weeks to complete depending on your idea and our discussion, this time will start running once I get the first payment.

I like to keep you involved throughout all the process, that is why I will send you updates by email that includes photos and my thoughts as I work on your piece.


Commissions are based on my painting style with your guidance on color, composition or size.

Once we agree the piece is finished, I will send an invoice for the last 50% of the total price plus shipping. Upon payment, I will send your painting to you! 


Please let me know if you have any questions.